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Proposal Covers, Graphics, and Presentations

Fabrications provides editing, desktop publishing, proposal management and coordination, graphics, and writing services. We have extensive hands-on experience in virtually all aspects of business development from capture and proposal management to technical writing, substantive editing, conceptual graphic design, and layout designed to meet RFP/RFQ/TO specifications.

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Your publications are an important part of your corporate image. They need to reflect what you want others to see. Whether it’s stationery, presentations, proposals, or business cards, the image of the company is on display. Make the right statement immediately with the right look.

We design and print Business Cards, Proposals, Flyers, Stationery, Books, Mailers, Invitations, Announcements, Journals, Menus, Brochures, Presentations, and much more.

Your final publication should be printed on the proper paper for the job. We offer a wide variety of papers from coated to linen to parchment.

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Web Design

Our web designers know what works in this world of 6-second attention spans. They know how to make you look your best. They have the artistic skills to grab your attention and get the point across, as well as the technical wherewithal to have your site running smoothly in no time. They even train you on updating and maintaining.

About Us

Principal and Desktop Specialist

Fabrications is a small, woman-owned company in Florida. We opened our doors in June of 2000 and ever since, have served a wide variety of clients including some of the largest consulting firms, federal defense contractors, global recruiting agencies, environmental consulting firms, small, local companies, and networking groups. We don’t discriminate — and we want to work for you. No matter where you’re located or what you do, we can provide all of your design, layout, and publications needs. Whatever the job, we get it done, on time and within budget.  Fabrications should be YOUR one-stop shop for all of your layout, design, corporate image, website, and printing needs.

Here at Fabrications, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We achieve that by cost-effectively providing the full range of services and solutions to our customers. Key words there: cost-effectively. Our aim is to make you, our clients, look your best without breaking the bank. With no overhead, our hourly rates will save you 25-30% over the competition.

We may be small, but we make a big impact.

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Proposal Covers, Graphics, and Presentations

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